Kamis, 07 April 2011

Radio Damascus observations

Dear Radio friends

I received today an email from my good friend at Radio Damascus, Rasheed
Haidar, who is the head of the English language section.

He asked me to make an appeal to all shortwave listeners to tune in to
Radio Damascus on the shortwave and let us know their observations.

My own observations of the shortwave transmissions are as follows
(although I mostly tune in  on the Hotbird satellite or download the
audio file of the daily program at syriaonline.sy and don't have a
professional or semi-professional receiver - only using a Sony ICF 7600
G) :

9330 Khz is mostly on the air, although irregular with a lot of
interruptions and a very weak signal +  extremely weak modulation which
makes it almost impossible to hear anything, even on days when the
transmitter is operating without interruptions and the signal strength
is sufficient

12085 Khz is, according to my observations, off air (I can't hear
anything on that frequency)

Can you please let me know your observations and reception conditions of
Radio Damascus in your part of the world so I can forward them to the
Radio Damascus team?

You can send in your remarks at radiodamascusenglish@yahoo.com
<radiodamascusenglish@yahoo.com>  which is the email address of my
alternative website for Radio Damascus at http://radio-damascus.net
<http://radio-damascus.net>  .

Looking forward to your observations and remarks.

Sincerely yours,

Kris Janssen

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