Rabu, 04 November 2009

The Voice of Turkey's Question on the month

Hallo listeners.... this beginning  of month on November, 2009  The  Voice of Turkey English Language Service has been present a Quiz for you. We hope you can be following on the quiz on this station. This information from Java's BLC is :

This month's question is about the founder of modern Turkish Republic Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, He died on November 10th, Which of the following is the 2009 anniversary of his death?

71, 72 or 73? (Answer 71). 

10 of our listeners to be determined in a draw from among those with the correct answer will receive a present each from The Voice of Turkey. We are expecting your answers by November 30th, 2009 by email to englishdesk@trt.net.tr. We wish you all good luck. (red_blc)

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