Selasa, 03 November 2009

Pemenang Kuis Radio Praha bln Oktober 2009

Hallo Listeners...I'm so happy when listened for it ,,, I'm become a winner on Radio Prague Quiz, on the October Quiz, this case is a support from Java's editor  for BLC's website. Thanks for U, Jeng...This is information from Radio Prague on Mail Box :

Interesting and well-researched as all your answers are, the rule allows only four of you to be rewarded each month. This time the lucky ones are:
1. Nicolay Loginov from Russia,
2. Asghar Shah from Pakistan,
3. Rudy Hartono from Indonesia
4. Patricia Hyde from Canada.
My congratulations and your parcels are in the post.

If you haven’t been lucky this time, why not give it another try in November.

Our mystery Czech series continues and this month we are asking for the name of the composer of this notorious piece of music: ( sebutkan nama komposer terkenal karya musik berikut ini, jika redaksi "search google", komposer terkenal asal Czech adalah Antonin Dvorak )

Your answers need to reach us by the end of November at or Radio Prague, 12099 Prague which are also the addresses for your questions, comments and reception reports. Thank you for listening today and Mailbox will be back again next week.
Sumber : (red_blc)
Note : Bagi anggota BLC dapat mendengarkan langsung music yang dimaksud di website Radio Prague, "". Selamat Mencoba smoga sukses..Salam

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