Rabu, 02 Juni 2010

Surat dari CRI, Beijing

To   : Mr. Rudi Hartono

           Alamat              : Jl. Penjajap Timur RT 02/V No. 3A / Pemangkat
                                            Kab. Sambas, Kalimantan Barat 79453
Telepon Rumah         : 0562-243873
Handphone                : 085654686895
Email                            : h.rudi@yahoo.co.id

From      : Seksi Indonesia, Asean Centre, China Radio International
         Phone:008610-68892547 , Fax :008610-68892502/68892455   
Email : lskcri@hotmail.com
Date       :20 May 2010

Regarding: Your visit to China Radio International

Dear Mr. Rudi Hartono

Greetings from Beijing . It is with great pleasure that I invite both of you to visit China Radio International in Beijing . The purpose your visit to assist us with preparations for our conference with radio partner to be held in Jakarta this year.

China Radio International intends to send you an e-ticket soon. We will also be responsible for your cost of living and accommodations during stay in Beijing . We hope that both of you will be in Beijing during 12 July -16 July 2010.

This letter will be of use when you apply for a visa at Republic of China Embassy in Jakarta .

Kind regards,

Li Shukun
Head Indonesian Section
China Radio International

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