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A Questionnaire from IRIB English Radio

From: IRIB English Radio <englishradio@irib.ir>
Date: Tue, 1 Jun 2010 09:21:22 +0430
Subject: Radio website
To: Hindun <hyndun@gmail.com>

Dear Miss Hindun

I hope this e-mail finds you well. As you may know we have changed the
format of our website newly. We would like to know your viewpoint in this
regard as well as the content of the website. Any criticism or suggestion is

The address our website is: www.englishradio.ir
<http://www.englishradio.ir/>  or http://english.irib.ir
<http://english.irib.ir/>  .

We would also be very pleased to know your view about our programs such as
Farsi for you.

I also attach you a questionnaire. I would be very pleased if you fill it
and send it back to me.

I appreciate you in advance.

Best regards
IRIB English Service
Mohammad B. Khoshnevisan

Dear Listener,
The following questionnaire is keen on learning of your interesting viewpoints about IRIB English Radio. Your accurate answers will help us improve the quality of our programmes. We appreciate your cooperation. We would be very pleased if you answer the questions and send it back.

1- How long do you tune in to our radio?
(a) Always,   (b) Most of the time,  (c) Occasionally,  (d) seldom

2- How did you discover us?
(a) Accidentally, (b) Thorough Internet searches, (c) Through friends and relatives, (d) Other cases (specify …)

3- Through what means do you tune in to IRIB English Radio?
(a) - Short Wave, (b) Radio Internet website, (c) Satellite

4- What's your reason for choosing IRIB English Radio?
(a) - Neutrality, (b) Depth and Variety of programmes, (c) High audio quality, (d)Other cases (specify…)

5- What time is suitable for you to tune in to us?
(a) Morning, (b) Night, (c) Both (specify the hours please and mention whether they are convenient in your respective country)

6- How many hours do you usually listen to our Radio everyday?

7- To what extent our radio has helped you concerning the following:
7/1: Better understanding of Islam (Very Much – Much – Moderately – A Little - Very Little)
7/2: Acquaintance with Iran, (Very Much – Much – Moderately – A Little - Very Little)

8- To what extent do our political programmes have been useful for you?
Very Much – Much – Medium – A Little - Very Little

9- How do you evaluate our programmes concerning the following:
(a) Audio quality (Excellent – Good – Medium – Bad)
(b) Content quality (Excellent – Good – Medium – Bad)
(c)Way of information (Excellent – Good – Medium – Bad)

10- What kind of programmes would you like to listen to more? (choose more than one options)
(a) Political and Social (b) Religious, (c) Scientific, (d) Cultural

11- Which type of programmes do you prefer?
(a) Magazine, (b) Quiz, (c) Interview, (d) Roundtable

12 - How often do you visit our website?
(a) Everyday, (b) Most of the time, (c) Occasionally, (d) Seldom

13 - Our website pages open;
(a) Speedily, (b) Averagely, (c) Slowly, (d) With Difficulty

14 - Which of our Internet pages attract your attention more?
(a) News and commentaries, (b) Interviews, (c) Recorded programs, (d) Other pages (specify…)

15- How do you evaluate the quality of our website's contents?
(a) Excellent, (b) Good, (c) Average, (d) Weak, (e) Very Weak

16- We appreciate your suggestions or criticisms.

Personal Particulars:

Gender: Male – Female
Marital Status: Married – Single
Country of Domicile:
Activities: Pupil – Student – Housewife – Occupation – Employed – Retired, Other (specify…)
Educational Level: Matriculate, Intermediate, Diploma, Graduate, Post Graduate, Doctorate, Post Doctorate

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