Senin, 04 Januari 2010

Ketua BLC, in website Radio Australia

Rudi Hartono, Indonesian listener

Radio Australia is the first international broadcaster I’ve ever heard, 22 years ago, in 1987, through my neighbour’s radio. The distinctive sound of the kookaburra is still clear in my mind, waking up its listeners, as a sign that Radio Australia is starting to fill the air.  That’s when I started my interest in Radio Australia and started listening, although not daily. Radio Australia has a clear voice, familiar broadcasters, and its content is interesting, complete and comprehensive.
There are many souvenirs I’ve received from Radio Australia, like the ‘loyal listener’ plaque, a t-shirt with a picture of a kangaroo holding a microphone, Oska Leon’s signature on the present from his show, and I still keep carefully the program guide with pictures of Enny Wibowo and Hidayat Djajamihardja on it.
The most memorable event was when I met Hidayat personally in Meet and Greet in Solo in 2008. I started listening to Hidayat’s voice since I was in junior highschool, decades ago, and then also when Radio Australia started a partnership with a local Radio in Pontianak.  That was a priceless happiness in my history of listening to radio.
What is clear is that I love Radio Australia and I will always want to be together with it. Happy 70th anniversary, I hope Radio Australia becomes a favorite with listeners and can be a radio station that is loyal with its listeners.

About the author

Rudi Hartono (right, wearing a cap) is the founder of the Borneo Listeners’ Club in Indonesia.

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