Sabtu, 18 Februari 2012

a letter from Deutsche Welle


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Two new channels for Asia
Deutsche Welle is becoming DW in 2012 – starting the year out right with a new design and a new framework for information for our audiences around the world. In Asia, DW is now offering two exclusive feeds – one with 24 hours of English programming daily, the other with 20 hours of German programming. But that’s not all – we have a new website with even more of the reliable, independent news and information that we are known for. Isn’t it time to check out the new DW?
Our new English channel
Do you want to see extraordinary stories from around the world? Then check out World Stories – International Reporters. It’s our new show with real insights from journalists working on the frontlines. Or stay on top of digital culture with Shift – Living in the Digital Age. We highlight how the Internet is changing society
and how we can keep up. For a look at the global economy, we have Business Brief – with reports, news and analysis from the world’s most important financial centers, the key markets and leading producers.
Something to talk about
Our new talk shows will shed light on the issues that are shaping the world. With Agenda, we look at the provocative, controversial and emotional stories that are grabbing the international headlines. And Insight Germany explores what it means to be an immigrant in Europe. How do people from other cultures see and experience their new homeland?
DW and you!
We need your help! We want to bring DW to every part of the world and document this with a collage of photos from our fans. Just take a picture of yourself with the DW logo (either printed or recreated) in your home town or favorite spot, send it in and you could win one of three iPads or one of 20 smart phones! Send
your entries to: We will also be publishing a selection of entries at
Find out more
DW is available around the globe in 30 different languages. To find out exactly what is being offered in your region, just go to Here you will find all of the options for tuning in.

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