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A new RRI Contest: “Radio Romania 85”

Dear friends, once again we invite you to participate in a contest, this time
a special anniversary contest called Radio Romania 85. This contest is
dedicated to the celebration of 85 years of public broadcasting in
Romania, celebrated on 1st November 2013. The Romanian Broadcasting
Corporation (SRR/Radio Romania) is the top public broadcaster in the
country, with a daily reach of over 4.7 million nationally and a 30%
combined market share, including national and regional stations.
85 years ago, on 1st November 1928, at 17:00 hours local time, the first official
radio broadcast was aired in Romania. It was the start of the great adventure of
Romanian radio broadcasting. And Radio Romania International is very proud
to be a part of the Romanian public radio family.
The beginnings of radio broadcasting in Romania and the first official radio
transmission are linked to the name of Dragomir Hurmuzescu (1865-1954), a
physicist and corresponding member of the Romanian Academy, recognized by
many other scientific bodies from Romania and abroad. Professor Hurmuzescu
subsequently became the president of the “Radiotelephonic Broadcasting
Society” of Romania, today the Romanian Radio Broadcasting Corporation. At
present Radio Romania’s fundamental activities consist of radio broadcasts
(produced and broadcast by the corporation’s national, international, regional,
local, on-line only channels), content provided by specialized website channels,
radio drama as well as concerts and recitals by the corporation’s Choirs and
Orchestras. Apart from that, Radio Romania also organizes book fairs and
capitalizes on parts of its tape library and written archives by means of the

“Casa Radio” publishers.
The corporation’s wide range of channels includes Radio Romania News and
Current Affairs, Radio Romania Culture, Radio Village Antenna, Radio
Romania Music, Radio Romania International, regional and local stations
grouped under Radio Romania Regional, with headquarters in the cities of
Bucharest, Cluj Napoca, Timisoara, Iasi, Craiova, Targu Mures, Resita,
Constanta, Sibiu, Brasov, Sighetu Marmatiei and Arad, as well as on-line
stations such as Radio3net and Radio Romania Junior. Beginning on 1
December 2011, Radio Chisinau, a station of the Romanian Radio
Broadcasting Corporation, came on the air, covering two thirds of the Republic
of Moldova. The Romanian Radio Broadcasting Corporation also offers two
specialized websites, and
You are invited to take part in this contest by listening to RRI broadcasts, on air
on short wave, on-line at and following our profiles on Facebook,
Twitter and Flickr. Give correct answers, in writing, to the contest questions
and you can be a winner. The contest will come to an end on 30th June 2013,
mailing date.
The grand prize for the winners is a 10-day (9- night) trip with full board, for
two, between 15th and 24th of September 2013, in 3 areas of Romania covered
by Radio Romania’s Regional channels- namely the counties of Gorj, Timis
and Cluj.

The sponsor of the contest is SC Boca Junior SRL of Timisoara. The partners
of this contest are the Gorj County Council, the Association ‘Cluj Napoca
2020- European Capital of Culture’, the Timis County Council, the Cluj
Napoca City Hall, the Cluj and Gorj branches of the Fine Artists Union, and the
Association of Cluj Traditional Craftsmen.
As usual, the winners will have to provide for their transportation to and from
Romania, and secure a visa if applicable. We also have other prizes and
honorable mentions provided by our partners consisting of objects from the
three aforementioned areas.
Now here are the contest questions:
1. What is the date of the first official radio broadcast in Romania?
2. What is the market share held by the public radio service in Romania?
3. List no less than three radio stations under the Romanian Radio Broadcasting
Corporation umbrella.
4. Who is considered to be the father of Romanian radio broadcasting?

Please include in your answers a brief note telling us what motivated you to
participate in our contest, and why you are a listener of Radio Romania
International and/or an on-line fan.

Our coordinates are the same as ever: Radio Romania International, G-ral
Berthelot street, nr. 60-64, sector 1, Bucharest, PO Box 111, cod 010165, fax, e-mail:
We are eagerly awaiting your answers by 30th June 2013, mailing date.
The winners will be announced after 15th July 2013, giving them time to
prepare for their autumn trip to Romania. Good luck! (Photo: Alexandru Dolea)

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