Jumat, 19 Agustus 2011

Special Thanks for DW Radio

Mrs. Andrea Schulz
In the DW Studio

I get a letter from Deutsche Welle with a sad heart in which the DW will end the short-wave broadcasts. As a radio listener, this is very sad and did not want to part with short wave broadcasts. This news actually I had heard several months ago and I do not believe the news like this.

During Deutsche Welle is still on the air, I always monitor the broadcasts and to report to the Customer Service. It is a satisfaction for me. Moreover, I can report to DW via email and post at no cost. Ease of this makes me closer with DW and a heavy heart as if to get rid of this habit.

Dear Costumer service, I thank you for the questionnaire that has been given to me and the DW along this letter I attach via this email. And the questionnaire I will send by registered post directly to the address of DW Service.

As the information that I also occasionally watch TV DW-related information science and technology (health) and sport in Germany. Another thing I would like to monitor political developments in Germany and the environment through the DW website.

In accordance with the wishes of the Costumer service and co-DW that I also parted with a DW weight and want to always be in a relationship with DW in the future.

Best regards,

Rudy Hartono
Jln Penjajap  Timur 3 A Pemangkat 79 453
Kalimantan Barat - INDONESIA

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