Kamis, 20 Desember 2012

Surat dari Jerman

Dear friends and fans of DW,

We want to thank you for helping make 2012 such a successful year for DW. You were there when we relaunched our TV lineups and website www.dw.de in February. Many of you also took the time to write us and provide us with suggestions on how to make dw.de even better.
We were really impressed by how many of you took advantage of our new interactive fan site My DW. People showed us how important DW is in their part of the world by submitting their own personal DW logos this past spring. And this has continued with a new wave of user-generated content that has been added to our website. Thanks for all your help!

We invite you to join us again in 2013 as we explore the world with reliable information, detailed analysis and exciting discussions. And we hope that your journey will provide new insights.
Happy holidays and the best for 2013,

Your DW Customer Service Team

T +49.228.429-4000

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